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Please don’t give up.

Please don’t give up.

(Featured in fine print below) 

The only honesty I speak is in poetry. You see, as a woman I’ve learned it doesn’t serve me— easier swallowing my words, and smiling sweetly. Hiding the truth inside discreetly, putting the pressure as a result in a box, tucked away neatly. Telling myself alone in the car “You can cry, but only briefly, because you have responsibilities depending on you completely; and the pain you feel right now— you can feel it so deeply, but the funny thing about emotions are— they can be rather fleeting. So just breathe and remember, you have the power of determining the reasons why; it happened this way, and maybe you’re right— it can’t be changed, but I believe— in spite of all of this, you’ll find a way through the dark of the night, towards a brighter day. Illegitimi non carborundum” 

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